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When I was pregnant, I went to so many doctor visits where they took blood, ran tests, measured the growth of my sweet baby, but never asked how I was feeling mentally.

When I was pregnant, mothers told me how drastically amazing my life would change. How the love I will feel towards my baby will be a love I have never felt before. They were telling me which diaper bags were the best and which baby books would grant me the most knowledge.

After I had my baby, the nurses and doctor checked on my baby every hour. They checked on my physical health. When a nurse asked me how I was feeling, I would mumble fine and they went on their way. I left the hospital with a single-sided sheet of paper telling me how feeling sad was normal and how it would pass.

The weeks following my birth, I was seen less and less from my OB when in actuality, I needed to see her more. I needed to see someone, more. I needed some form of reassurance that the feelings and thoughts I was experiencing didn’t make me crazy.

I fought for my life and I am here today to tell my story. I’m here today to bring awareness to maternal mental health.

I want other moms to know that they are NOT ALONE in their darkest journey. I am here to share my story with you because it’s a damn important story to tell.

I struggled with postpartum depression after my second son was born and I didn’t seek help for it until I was nearly 6 months postpartum.


Just one simple reason: I was afraid.

I was afraid of being judged. I was afraid of being labeled crazy or incompetent. I was afraid it meant that I didn’t love my baby. I was so afraid.

Through my struggles, I have learned so much about my strength and my weaknesses. I have learned that maternal mental health really isn’t talked about as much as it should be, and mamas have no reason to feel like they shouldn’t talk about those issues.

That is why I began blogging about my postpartum depression.

My passion is to help mamas find the light through the darkest time of their life.

You got this, mama.


Thank your for stopping by. I hope you stay awhile.

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