Tried and True Baby Products From a Minimalist Mama

February 26, 2019 boymama2015 6 min read No Comments

Tried and True Baby Products From a Minimalist Mama

February 26, 2019 Laura 6 min read No Comments
tried and true baby products from a minimalist mama

Do you want to know something about me?

I’m a minimalist.

I prefer the simple things.

I want the gadgets that are going to make my life easier.

So when I became a mom, of course I felt so overwhelmed with all of the options out there.

Since my baby days are over, I want to share my favorite, simple, baby products with you! Tried and True Baby Products From a Minimalist Mama.

It took one kid plus several failed products to realize which ones I truly loved. And I feel like it’s my mission to spread the word to other mamas who may feel a little overwhelmed.

My list is going to contain the basic things you really need for your baby; and you may be surprised to learn just how much you really don’t need for your bundle of joy!

When it comes to a newborn, here are the things you really need:

  • bottles [unless you know that you will exclusively nurse]
  • car seat
  • stroller
  • car seat
  • sleep aids [think swaddlers and swings]

That. Is. It.

Let me help you keep it simple so the only thing you need to worry about is loving on your sweet newborn babes.

Are you ready?

Please pin me for later! You never know when you will need it.


tried and true baby products from a minimalist mama




Maybe the most important product to focus on is which brand of baby bottle to buy; unless, of course, you plan to exclusively nurse your baby.

But from one mama to the next: I recommend purchasing bottles anyway in case your breastfeeding journey doesn’t go exactly as planned.

The market is saturated with so many baby bottle options and it can seriously be overwhelming!

My tried and true?

Dr. Brown’s bottles

I seriously love Dr. Brown’s. However, it wasn’t always a friendly relationship.

With my first son, I started off with a different bottle because it was marketed to be the closest thing to the breast. I thought I loved my choice of feeding bottles, however, my baby was constantly spitting up and gassy [despite changing my diet].

To make a long story short, I found my way to Dr. Brown’s because it was promoted to reduce spit-up, gas, and colic.

I made the switch and NEVER looked back.

Truthfully, the #1 thing that turned me off to buying Dr. Brown’s in the first place were the extra parts that would need cleaning. In reality, it turned out being not that bad and well worth the reduced spit-up.

Car seats & strollers

You got to get where you’re going, but the options for car seats & strollers are overwhelming!

I read so many reviews before my first son was born and we decided to buy an infant seat [also known as bucket-style] because the ease of popping the car seat in and out of the car seemed very appealing.

I have two toddlers now and they are long gone from fitting in their bucket seats. We switched them into convertible seats around 6 months because that’s what felt right for us.

You can start your newborn baby in a convertible seat, if that’s what will work for you. I recommend doing your own research to see if that will work for your family. *Car Seats for the Littles is a terrific website for reference.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect

With my first son, we chose the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect because [at that time] I was an avid runner and I wanted to keep that up after I gave birth.

And the simplicity of the stroller really appealed to me!

The car seat clicks right on the stroller with ease and takes only one hand to fold up. Perfect for the busy mama.

*This Graco bucket seat and jogger are sold together.

Convertible car seat

Eventually, your little bundle of newborn babe will need a big kid car seat.

Like I stated above, we transitioned our boys around 6 months [I think my second son was a little younger] just based on our personal preference. Below I will share with you my favorite seats– because I have two kids and I couldn’t narrow it down to only one!

Graco Size4Me 65 with RapidRemove

This was our first convertible car seat– it’s been through three moves, two kids, and it’s still holding up strong!

This is just an easy car seat to install and the no fuss RapidRemove makes cleaning up messes a breeze.

A great car seat for the price!

Graco 4Ever All-in-1

Our oldest has this Graco 4Ever All-in-1 seat and seriously, we should’ve bought this one from the get-go!

This car seat gives you 10 years (YES, 10) from 4-120 pounds.

A few more things:

  • Rear-facing baby car seat from 4 to 40 pounds
  • Forward-facing toddler car seat from 22 to 65 pounds
  • Booster seats in high back belt-positioning mode from 30 to 100 pounds and backless belt-positioning mode from 40 to 120 pounds.

Can you tell I kind of love Graco?

Diaper bag

O gee. I despised shopping for a diaper bag because the options were ENDLESS.

Seriously, can I just lug everything around in a trash bag and call it a day?


Anyway, every new mama needs a diaper bag because when you leave the house (and you will!) you will literally need all the things. So you want a bag that can be functional as well as eye-appealing.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

This bag is the best because it has the backpack option for when your little one gets a little older and mobile…or to simply keep your hands available.

A few things this diaper bag has to offer:

  • Spacious interior with 5 pockets (2 to stow bottles), a key clip and 2 exterior bottle pockets
  • Wider zip-open top for quicker access to contents and a top grab-handle for easy toting.
  • Includes stroller straps to easily attach bag to most strollers.

I will admit, it’s a bit pricey. I found mine second-hand in great condition from another mama and it was worth the price. I feel like this diaper bag has enough compartments and pockets to help the busy mama on-the-go. And I just love wearing it on my back to keep my hands available.


Ahhh, sleeping.

Possibly the most important question every new mama has: how can I get my baby to sleep well?!

Well, I have a little secret for you– every baby is truly different when it comes to sleeping and what works for some may not work for others.

I’m a firm believer in doing what works and sticking with it. Especially when it comes to precious sleep.

Fisher Price baby swing

This baby swing saved my life.

And my sanity.

My sons got SO MUCH use out of this, so it was well worth the money.

The gentle swaying motion is real soothing for baby and the soft music/sounds is calming. 

I will shamelessly admit that my boys napped a good amount of time in their swing. It helped me get so much housework done!

Thanks, Fisher Price!

Halo sleep sacks

You guys. The Halo sleep sacks saved my sanity on multiple occasions.

It’s basically a wearable blanket that helps your baby stay nice and snug and snooze into a deep sleep.

Love love LOOOVVVEEEDD these and used them religiously.

Mama, ya need one. Or be like me and have five. Because of spit-up and blow-outs, of course.

I will always recommend these gems!

HoMedics sound machine

Yes, you need a sound machine for your newborn baby.

Trust me on this.

The white noise of a sound machine is soothing for a baby and can help ease them into a peaceful slumber.

This was our first sound machine and I haven’t found one yet as better as HoMedics.

Seriously, this is one of my “secrets” to getting my boys to nap and eventually sleep in their crib.

We still sleep with a sound machine on at night.


There you go, mama! Tried and True Baby Products From a Minimalist Mama.

What did you think of my list? I’d love to hear about it in the comment section below!

Thank you for reading!

Happy baby planning,

Tried and True Baby Products From a Minimalist Mama

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